Vaughan chopper pumps in waste recycling plants

3 Aug 2012

Vaughan chopper pumps in waste recycling plants

Vaughan Chopper Pumps are used in local authority and industrial recycling plants to solve those difficult pumping applications where solids in suspension cause continual clogging problems with pumps and pipe lines. The Vaughan Chopper Pump is not a grinder, macerator or muncher, nor just another non-clog impeller pump. Instead, the Vaughan Chopper Pump features a unique chopping impeller turning across a stationary cutter bar at the suction inlet of the pump, thereby reducing incloming solids before being pumped away as a preconditioned slurry or waste.

The chopping impeller and cutter bar of the Vaughan Chopper Pump are heat treated to a minimum Rockwell 60C hardness, which provides exceptional abrasion resistance and allows the pump to handle solids that would normally make other brands fail. The heavy-duty design of the Vaughan Chopper Pump makes them ideally suited for waste recycling applications and are available in a range of configurations including end suction, vertical column, submersible, dry mounted vertical pedestal and self-priming.

Also found in food processing plants, Vaughan Chopper Pumps are used to chop and pump waste potatoes, apples, carrots, corn, pumpkin shells, tomatoes, orange peels, etc. Vaughan pumps are also widely used in the meat industry to pump and chop all forms of waste by-products including hair, fleshings, casings, wool, paunch, hide, meal slurry, chickens, turkey wastes and fish wastes to name a few. As long as the product can flow, a Vaughan Chopper Pump will handle it.

Other major end users include local authority wastewater treatment plants, pulp and paper mills, steel mills, chemical plants, and any other manufacturing industry where the transfer of waste material can cause problems to pumps and other equipment. Vaughan Chopper Pumps will easily handle solids laden wastewater and sludge containing rags, gloves, nylons and elastics, wood, wire, glass, plastic bags and strapping, gritty slurries, etc. Pumps are available for flow rates up to 2000 cubic metres per hour and heads up to 50 metres.

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