Rotamix offers simple and effective mixing for sludge lagoons

17 Oct 2012

Rotamix offers simple and effective mixing for sludge lagoons

Vaughan Rotamix will solve many of the traditional problems associated with mixing storage lagoons at local authority and industrial wastewater treatment plants as no moving parts are installed in the lagoon. Submersible mixers and floating shaft driven mixers have electric cables and moving parts in the wastewater, which can be prone to problems of fine fibres and rags reweaving and wrapping around moving parts, shafts and cables. If an electric motor fails for any reason, this will require the complete mixer to be removed, which in turn will affect the operational aspects of the lagoon.

A Rotamix lagoon mixing system comprises of fixed nozzle assemblies that are mounted on the floor of the lagoon to factory specified angles and are permanently fixed in place. No additional adjustment is required. The Rotamix system uses an externally mounted self-priming Vaughan Chopper Pump to recirculate and precondition the contents of the Lagoon. The self-priming Vaughan Chopper Pump will handle solids laden material and sludge containing rags, fibres and hair. This virtually eliminates problems with fibrous material and other debris reweaving into clumps, while ensuring the pumps and nozzles remain clog-free.

The unique mixing flow pattern created by Rotamix eliminates dead spots, reduces energy requirements and prevents against the formation of scum mats and solids settling inside the lagoon. As there are no moving or rotating parts within the process, no scheduled nozzle assembly maintenance is required. This major advantage is particularly relevant for lagoons with fixed membrane covers. When compared to conventional mixing systems, the Rotamix System can save the end user up to 60% in combined capital, operation and maintenance costs.

The Rotamix system can be easily retrofitted into existing lagoons. With the ability to operate intermittently, even when mixing lagoons after periods of storage, overall energy costs are significantly reduced. Depending on the process and layout of the lagoon, it is even possible to fill, mix and transfer multiple lagoons using a single self-priming Vaughan Chopper Pump. All Rotamix systems come with a Mixing Performance Guarantee, where Vaughan Co. provide complete mixing system responsibility.

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