The Vaughan Concept

Tried, Tested and Proven

vaughan-guaranteeVaughan Concept chopper pumps should not be confused with other types or brands of cutter pumps, grinder pumps, macerator pumps, chopper pumps or “non-clog” trash pumps on the market.

Vaughan chopper pumps have been proven to handle and pump the toughest solids found in municipal and industrial waste streams, including heavy concentrations of rag, grit, plastics and fibrous material – material that other solids handling pumps struggle to cope with. Positive chopping at the pump produces a more homogeneous slurry and reduces pipeline friction. A single Vaughan chopper pump can replace two pieces of equipment; i.e. a comminutor (or pre-grinder) and a “non-clog” pump, resulting in much lower maintenance costs.

Vaughan chopper pump impellers, cutter bars, upper cutters and cutter nuts are made of cast alloy steel which is then heat treated to a minimum of Rockwell 60C hardness to provide extended service life in most applications, while the heavy-duty mechanical seal design and bearing system incorporated in each Vaughan pump reduces down time by withstanding the heavy workload and associated forces of chopping and pumping solids reliably. Vaughan’s 50 years of extensive experience in designing and manufacturing chopper pumps for severe duty applications instills trust and product confidence.

With more than 25,000 units now in operation globally, time-tested reliability and customer satisfaction has allowed Vaughan to GUARANTEE the performance and clog-free operation of every chopper pump sold.

The Vaughan Concept

Some of the innovative and patented design features that make the Vaughan chopper pump so dependable are described below.


Vaughan Seal

Designed and manufactured in-house by Vaughan Co., the unique Vaughan Cartridge Seal is the toughest in the industry and is designed to reduce problems associated with wrapping and abrasion. Grit, debris and heat build up is reduced by eliminating the need for a stuffing box, while face cooling and seal flushing is accomplished through the action of the impeller pumpout vanes.


Upper Cutter

Working in conjunction with the rotating impeller pumpout vanes, a stationary Upper Cutter mounted behind the impeller prevents material from wrapping in the mechanical seal area by shredding and removing stray solids. As standard, the Upper Cutter is supplied heat treated to Rockwell 60C hardness for impact and abrasion resistance.


Impeller & Cutter Bar

All solids entering the pump are effectively chopped by the Vaughan Concept chopper pump’s cupped and sharpened impeller blades turning across a stationary Cutter Bar, creating a smooth slicing effect. The number of impeller vanes will depend on the pump model and the severity of the application. As standard, both the Impeller and Cutter Bar are supplied heat treated to Rockwell 60C hardness for impact and abrasion resistance.


Cutter Nut

More than simply a means of securing the impeller to the shaft, Vaughan’s patented Cutter Nut incorporates a sharpened raised tooth that will cut and shred stringy material that tries to wrap and bind at the pump inlet. As standard, the Cutter Nut is supplied heat treated to Rockwell 60C hardness for impact and abrasion resistance.

Vaughan Concept external-cutter

External Cutter

An optional Disintegrator Tool or EC2 External Cutter enables heavy or bulky solids to be broken up and/or chopped prior to entering the main pump inlet to prevent blockages. Not recommended for stringy solids.

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