Demonstration Videos

Vaughan Products in Action

Please find below a selection of original videos that demonstrate the Vaughan Chopper Pump’s unbeatable solids handling capabilities in a range of demanding pumping and mixing applications. Simply click on a tab to expand the video.

General Solids Pumping Demonstration Video

This demonstration videos the raw power behind Vaughan Chopper Pumps. These durable waste water pumps are designed to tackle the toughest of applications, so watch and enjoy as floor wipes, nylons, watermelons, and whole turkeys get pulverised.

Food Waste Pumping Demonstration Video

Vaughan model HE8N horizontal end suction chopper pump tearing through vegetable waste collected with the help of local supermarkets. Watch as this American-engineered powerhouse effortlessly turns solid waste into a thick slurry.

Disposable Wipes Pumping Demonstration Video

Does your WWTP or pump station have wrapping problems due to disposable wipes? With Vaughan Company’s patented internal cutter design you can say goodbye to continuous maintenance and relax as those troublesome fibers are slashed away from the shaft and seal.

Crab Process Waste Pumping Video

This video features a Vaughan Vertical Wet Well in action at a crab processing plant. Crab shells and innards are placed on a conveyor belt, which carries them to a sump. There, they are chopped and pumped by a Vaughan vertical wet well chopper pump. Waste material is pumped across the plant, where it is dewatered and solids are recovered. Since the Vaughan Chopper Pump came online, waste produced by volume has been reduced by 80%. This results in significant savings in transportation and tipping fees.

Rotamix Process Mixing System

Set of three Rotamix nozzles mixing a cylindrical tank. Vaughan Company offers the most powerful hydraulic mixer on the market. Hydraulic mixing offers many benefits over other mixing methods by removing the moving parts from the pit and by utilising the cutting action of the Vaughan Chopper Pump to reduce particle sizes and avoid clogging.

Vaughan Small Tank Mixing System

This animation shows how Vaughan’s new small mixing assembly operates within a cylindrical tank. Also included is an animation that depicts the ease of externally adjusting directional flow within a system.

Vaughan Vertical Recirculator Mixing System

This video shows a Vaughan model STV8P-DMA recirculating mixer system at work in the main receiving basin of a pulp and paper mill. The customer was having issues with solids and previously had to call in a vac-truck every 6 weeks to empty the pit, this was until they installed a Vaughan chopper pump and nozzle system in January 2014. After over a year they have not had to call a vac-truck once and have no buildup accumulating in the corners of their retention tank.