Vaughan vertical recirculator chopper pump stands test of time at Green Island WWTP

This custom engineered, 16 foot long Vaughan vertical recirculating chopper pump has been running reliably at the Green Island WWTP, Dunedin, New Zealand since it was supplied in the year 2000. The pump handles incoming sludge cake and wastewater with dry solids concentrations up to 20%. Adjustable levers at surface level allow plant operators to aim the pump’s integrated discharge nozzle to direct flow to different areas and levels of the pit to prevent solids from settling out. A three-way valve then allows flow to be switched to the main discharge line for complete pit pump out as required. The client, Dunedin City Council, decided to purchase a complete replacement unit in 2013 and the original pump is now held as a standby unit.


Dunedin City Council