Vaughan chopper pump takes care of stringy bean waste and vines for large food processor

McCain Foods in Hastings, NZ required a fail-safe solution for their bean waste line where an existing “non-clog” impeller pump would continuously bind up and block while pumping green beans and bean vines. Pump Systems Ltd supplied a custom built Vaughan vertical wet well chopper pump to retrofit to the existing collection sump. The patented chopping action of the Vaughan chopper pump would mean that all incoming solids would be chopped and reduced in size to eliminate the risk of blockages in the pump as well as downstream equipment. In addition, a heat-treated steel Upper Cutter located behind the impeller would instantly shred and clear stringy solids that attempt to wrap on the pump shaft, which not only prevents pump binding, but provides added protection to the shaft seal to ensure a long and trouble-free service life.


McCain Foods