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10 Mar 2016

Floor Washing System for Settled Solids and Grit

Grit deposition in storage tanks, pump stations and sewage overflow basins is an ongoing issue for many councils and water authorities. High specific gravity particles that are not able to be pumped away using existing pumps can settle and accumulate to the point where storage capacities are seriously impaired. The revolutionary Vaughan Floor Washing (VFW) System by Vaughan Co. (USA) has been designed to address this issue.

11 Apr 2014

Vaughan Co. release new portable engine driven chopper pump

Vaughan Company, Inc., the world’s leading chopper pump manufacturer for over 50 years have released a new heavy-duty, diesel engine driven, vacuum primed chopper pump for mobile solids handling applications. The unit is an adaption of the popular Vaughan model HE6W horizontal end suction chopper pump, designed for handling high concentrations of difficult suspended solids without clogging. With the aid of a robust venturi vacuum prime system, the unit allows for dry suction lifts up to 7.3 metres, flow rates up to 560 cubic metres per hour, and heads up to 40 metres. With the main pump wet end built to the same tried and trusted spec as regular Vaughan chopper pumps, including the heavy-duty bearing housing and “flushless” cartridge seal configuration, end users can be assured of the highest mechanical reliability in the toughest pumping applications. The pump unit has an 8″ suction flange and 6″ discharge and is powered by a top quality four cylinder, four cycle, turbocharged and water cooled John Deere 4045TF290 Interim Tier 4 diesel engine.

For full specifications and performance data, please click here.