Vaughan Applications



Vaughan chopper pumps can be found operating in almost every stage of the wastewater treatment process. From handling raw, heavily concentrated solids in pump lift stations, to eliminating clogging problems in anaerobic digesters and sludge heat exchangers, the Vaughan chopper pump’s ability to reliably handle and condition difficult suspended solids without clogging ensures long-term operational success.
Typical municipal applications:
  • Council and local authority pump stations
  • CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) facilities
  • Water & sewerage headworks
  • Screenings & septage receiving
  • Primary & secondary clarifier scum
  • Clarifier underflow sludge transfer
  • Return & waste activated sludge
  • Thickened & digested sludge transfer
  • Sludge tank & digester mixing (Vaughan Rotamix)
  • Digester sludge recirculation & transfer
  • Sludge tank & digester cleanout
  • FOG (Fats, Oils & Greases)
  • Problem areas such as hospitals, prisons, malls, stations and airports where heavy solids clog conventional pumps


The application possibilities for Vaughan chopper pumps in the industrial sector are endless. Whether it be pumping a solids-laden pulp and paper slurry, or difficult and stringy meat process wastes, with their heavy-duty and robust design, Vaughan chopper pumps will stand the test of time in the most demanding industrial solids pumping environments to provide unsurpassed clog-free pumping performance.
Typical industrial applications:
  • Food Processing – Beans, Blood, Carrots, Casings, Chickens, Corn Husks, Horns, Fat, Feathers, Fish, Fleshings, Hair, Hide Pieces, Hooves, Horns, Intestines, Paunch, Potatoes, Threads, Tomatoes, Turkeys
  • Pulp, Paper & Wood – Broke Pits, Carbonised Bark, Chip Conveyors, Clarifier Scum, Coal Pile Runoff, Conveyor, Gallery Sumps, Drainage Sumps, Fly Ash, Knot and Bark Handling, Log Soaking Vats, Lime Sludge Transfer, Underflow to Dewatering, Woodyard Sumps
  • Automotive & Steel – Boiler Blowdown, Chrome Plating Slurries, Coke Breeze, Coke Tar Decanter Sludge, Glass and Plastic, Iron Ore Pallets, Metal Machine Chips, Mill Scale, Oil Washdown, Paint Overspray Sludge, Roll Grinder Coolant (Swarf)
  • Chemical & Petrochemical – API Separators, Coke Slurries, Detergent Cakes, Latex Skins, Lead Oxide Slurries, Oil Waste, Plastics, Pumice Hand Cleaner, Refinery Mud, Storm Drains, Sulphur Froth
  • Mining, Sand & Gravel – Acid Mine Water, Coal and Sand Washing, Concrete Batch Plant Sumps, Sand and Gravel Silt Ponds, Truck Washdown Sumps
  • Contractor Services – Hazardous Waste Cleanup, Lagoon Cleaning, Recycled Solvants, Sludge Dewatering, Storage Tank Cleanout