About Pump Systems

Pump Systems Ltd (1984) and Pump Systems Pty (2019), (PSL) began its days in 1984 operating in the Canterbury region as a small industrial pump supplier and service agent to the local process industry and agricultural sectors. Over the years, the company streamlined its operations to focus solely on the industrial and municipal markets and, through its efforts, played a key role in establishing various major pump and wastewater process equipment brands within Australasia.

In 1993, PSL formed a relationship with Vaughan Company, Inc., manufacturer of the world’s first chopper pump and commenced sales into the New Zealand market, closely followed by Australia with the first pump sold there in 1994. PSL has been supporting the Australasian market ever since with their highly experienced and factory-trained sales and projects team. Vaughan Co. was founded in 1960 by the late Jim Vaughan, who through an effort to find a better way of pumping solids-laden manure, invented and patented the Vaughan chopper pump. Ever since, Vaughan Co. has continued to develop the Vaughan chopper pump through a series of design and performance improvements. With more than 25,000 units installed worldwide, the Vaughan chopper pump has established itself as the market leader in clog-free pumping where conventional solids handling pumps fail to perform. Client feedback and product reliability over the past 60 years has allowed Vaughan Co. to also GUARANTEE the performance and non-clog ability of every pump sold.

PSL has actively worked to establish the Vaughan® and Rotamix® names throughout New Zealand and Australia and, in this time, has helped to solve some of the toughest pumping and tank mixing problems in these regions. Many major councils, water authorities and processing companies that once struggled to overcome pump operational problems due to pump clogging now rely on Vaughan chopper pumps as a critical part of their process.

PSL’s expertise and proven ability to think outside the square has appointed the company an industry-leading reputation as a “problem solver” and THE SOLIDS PUMPING & TANK MIXING SPECIALISTS.